Robinson & Rohe

"Robinson and Rohe are musician's musicians. They create a perfect duo - listening, waiting, complimenting each other and adding just what needs to be added to a song at just the right moment." -Minnesota Public Radio




Hunger, 2017

An album of songs about love and land—often both at the same time. Written by R&R largely during a period of travels between the East Coast and the Upper Midwest, the record poses questions about the traditions we might carry on and where to find hope in a country freighted with an inheritance that is both beautiful and troubling.

with art by Andrew Benincasa.

The Longest Winter, 2014

Christmas EP by Robinson & Rohe.

The Christmas story is a cultural inheritance that belongs to whoever claims it. If it is the Church, then the Church will tell the story. If it is the Corporate Advertisers, the Corporate Advertisers will sell the story. But if it is the Artists, the Bards, the Rabblerousers, then it is they who will create the story anew.

with art by Andrew Benincasa.